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In a Beautiful Place in the Country

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12/12/04 03:00 pm - thoozula - high time

It wouldn't be so bad to wear furs and drink lots of champagne.

12/9/04 04:43 pm - thoozula

i fear the colors are such that nu'un will post here. oh, that's right--some echos.
i'm planning on making a long, prying quiz, but i don't really want to do it, so i will ignore the first ten phone ringings. oh, heh, okay. yeah, we need some recruiting. propaganda, do we have any artists here? any takers? i guess it doesn't matter, really. ah, maybe we need an exemplary livejournal blogger, oi denizen, lezus march teward better things!!! the planning is ten times better than any action! i have so many ideas--! so many gobiernos i wish to fyt agennst.


12/8/04 07:11 pm - thoozula

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